Welcome to Our New Office: The Inside Story of Our Move

jane weston md's office

By Dr. Jane Weston


After 17 years at Atherton Plastic Surgery, I had come to believe that I would spend the rest of my career in the space that had become my second home. As comfortable as I was, a series of events led me to consider other options as it became clear that I needed to accommodate growth. I was seeing increasing demand for the non-invasive and minimally-invasive areas of my practice, and I could no longer say “no” to the prospect of change.

A great opportunity became available. I took a deep breath and jumped at the chance to make my dream become a reality.


I formalized my partnership with Sandra Ewers, my physician assistant. Sandra and I have worked together for the past 8 years and we have built a practice of wonderful patients, many of whom are asking for more options in minimally-invasive rejuvenation. Today, this is an exciting area of growth and development in plastic surgery. To this end, Sandra and I have transitioned our busy skin care and non-invasive procedural practice into a new entity that we are calling Entre Nous Aesthetics. Sandra and I are excited to be creating a space where we can serve our patients with a broader array of services in updated and beautiful surroundings. Entre Nous is coming to Menlo Park and the beauty market will be forever changed!


As excited as I am about the changes that I am making, I want to let you know that there is one change I will NOT be making. I am NOT leaving my surgical practice behind. As so many of you know, surgery is my Zen. It is something I love to do and something I take pride in doing well. Although I have closed my private operating room, I have been welcomed by many local surgery centers and I will continue to offer a wide range of surgical services.


As I worked with my staff packing countless boxes of supplies and equipment, I was filled with mixed emotions. Atherton Plastic Surgery had truly become a home and I thought with pride of all the gratifying relationships I made over the years…. Relationships with you, my patients, with my loyal and hard-working team members and with my partners in the community. I value those connections and trust that there will be room for all of you in the pages of our chapters that are to follow.

As we construct our new space, we will continue to care for you, our patients, in a temporary office at 1047 El Camino Realnue in Menlo Park. Parking is available on the ground level of this building and our office is on the second floor. We look forward to seeing you there and, soon enough, welcoming you to our wonderful new permanent home on El Camino across from Keplers and the Barrone café!