Reconstructive Surgery in Menlo Park, CA


Dr. Jane Weston Specializes in Reconstructive Surgery Procedures Such As Breast Reconstruction, Scar Revision, Tissue Expansion & More. To Book Your Consultation, Please Call (650) 457-6291.

Reconstructive surgery is something that no one ever chooses or elects to undergo, but when a situation arises where reconstruction is necessary, it is comforting to know there are so many effective, time-tested reconstructive surgery procedures available today. During your consultation, Dr. Weston will discuss your reconstructive surgery needs with you and recommend a treatment based on your practical and cosmetic goals.

Scar Revision

This thick, over-grown cluster of scar tissue on the earlobe is a keloid. Here it has been removed and the incision closed with stitches, leaving a thin scar. This hypertrophic scar has formed a contracture, restricting finger motion. Using Z-plasty,
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Breast Reconstruction

Regaining your feminine form is an important step on the road to recovering from breast cancer, and breast reconstruction helps women do just that every day by restoring natural breast contours and normal breast appearance.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is a reconstructive surgical procedure designed to use extra skin grown specifically to repair another area. The extra skin may then be used to reconstruct nearly any part of the body, but it is most commonly used for
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Skin Cancer

Everyone needs some sun exposure to stay healthy, but too much can not only damage the skin and cause it to age faster, it can also cause skin cancer. The good news is, most skin cancer is treatable if discovered
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