Dysport is an injectable product made with the botulinum toxin. Before receiving FDA approval for the United States in 2009, Dysport was widely used in other countries such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

By injecting Dysport into specific forehead muscles, facial wrinkles are noticeably reduced for several months. Dysport is recognized as the latest alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Is Dysport right for you?

We may recommend Dysport for you if you exhibit conditions such as:

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet

Aside from these cosmetic purposes, botulinum toxin type a has also been used in several therapeutic treatments for conditions like muscle spasm and hyperhidrosis.

Your Dysport Procedure

If you visit our office for a Dysport treatment, here is what you can expect. We will evaluate your health, medical history, and areas of concern to determine if Dysport is appropriate for you. The doctor chooses the proper Dysport dose for your conditions. Topical anesthetic or ice is applied if necessary. Dysport is injected into small facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles caused by muscle action). After about 4 days, the muscles enter a temporary paralysis, causing your wrinkles to flatten out and become less noticeable.

After Dysport Treatment

You can return to your routine right away, but you should follow the instructions carefully. You may be advised to avoid alcohol and sun exposure for the first 24 hours, and remain upright for 6 hours after treatment. The results take effect 4 to 8 days after your visit and last 4 to 6 months